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Mission Statement

The Free Lifesaving Society publishes free survival swimming and lifeguard training materials for teams worldwide, especially in developing countries where they are needed most.

Lesson Resources

This website serves as a free lesson support system for your lifesaving classes and water safety training. You may copy and share our content for educational use if you quote us as source with a backlink. For your classes just print any pages as handouts. The design is mobile friendly so you can use it in your lessons if you have a waterproof device.

Survival Swimming teaches you the basic skills to stay alive in the water, so you pose no danger to yourself or your team during aquatic activities. You'll be able to survive in water for a prolonged period, perform tasks and negotiate obstacles while in the water.

Lifesaving is a valuable community skill for everyone and more fun than swimming up and down. Teaching lifesaving as a separate skill is outdated. It needs to become an integrated part of all aquatic sports. Today most people are looking for fun, or extreme sports, where they can explore their limits. Lifesaving and survival swimming can offer this in a safe environment. We bring you training materials that help you run realistic lifesaving and survival swimming lessons. Let's keep lifesaving realistic.